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  • How current are the tutorials listed on The Lumion Collective?
    All tutorials listed on The Lumion Collective are updated with each new release. If there are any significant changes to a tutorial, I will update the post with the newest information and leave a link to download the old tutorial for users who have not yet upgraded.
  • Who writes The Lumion Collective tutorials?
    Most of the tutorials found on The Lumion Collective are written by me (Adam Ingram). From time to time guest posts will be featured which may include tutorials from contributors to The Lumion Collective.
  • Can I request a tutorial to The Lumion Collective?
    Please do! I try my best to listen to the community about what users want to learn more about and use that information to create tutorials. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear about it over at The Lumion Collective Facebook group!
  • Are there any video tutorials available for The Lumion Collective?
    Currently, no. In order to be as detailed as possible, I’ve chosen to use a written platform to share tutorials. In future, I'd love to integrate video content so be sure to stay up to date by following The Lumion Collective social pages for updates on this!
  • How can I share my imagery that i've created using The Lumion Collective's tutorials and assets?
    If you use any of the information or assets that are provided on The Lumion Collective, we'd love to see them! Simply use the #TheLumionCollective in Instagram. Doing this will also give you the chance to be featured on The Lumion Collective!
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